Oxygen Property Management

Sonder made this video for Oxygen with the goal of showing potential clients how much easier their services can make the property owning experience. We wanted to make a slick, professional video that showcases their brand and also reveals a more personal side to the company. One of the things that Oxygen wanted from this video was to show a different, warmer side to property agents.


Sophies Angels

Sophies Angels is a start-up company with big aspirations. We first met Sophie when she picked us up in a cab and told us about her dream of starting New Zealand’s first female only passenger service. The inspiration for this company came from hearing her female passengers complain about facing sexual harassment in cabs, as well as her own similar experiences as a driver. We thought this was an amazing idea, so we made a video for her to put on her IndieGoGo and Kickstarter campaign.


H2O Contractors

H2O is a Wellington based company that does a range of services, from drain cleaning to commercial water blasting and painting. Our aim with this video was to give visitors to their website a quick, punchy introduction to everything H2O offers, and to showcase some of their extensive range of gear. A lot of the information on their website is jargon heavy, so it was important that we make something exciting to grab the audiences attention.



Not all dates are as good as in the movies…
Verisafe is here to help get you out of those awkward and dangerous situations! Our app has 'Help', 'At Risk' and 'Safety Check' features to keep you and your friends safe.
Simply press 'At Risk' and GPS snapshots of your location will be recorded every 10 minutes. Verisafe will also send a message and voicemail to your pre-selected emergency contacts to tell them you’re in danger. When you can’t make a call for help, Verisafe does the job for you.


Safety Check

If people have employees, family, or friends working or living alone, Verisafe can set them up with pre-scheduled safety check text messages. The app will only alert you if your contact has not responded to their check. In this video we focused on the common danger of strokes in elderly people. In these situations, the victim can’t reach for their phone and call for help, which is why Verisafes fool-proof system is a potentially life saving innovation.


The ‘Help’ button was designed with personal safety in mind. Sometimes people may find themselves alone in an unfamiliar place, but don’t feel comfortable drawing attention to themselves by calling a friend or family member. In this video we follow a young, vulnerable girl, who is followed home by an older man. The advantage of this app is that it allows you to call for help with one button, and will give your emergency contacts a text, email, and phone call giving them access to your details and GPS location.


At Risk

This video was aimed primarily at people who travel to unknown places for their job. The story follows a district nurse who has to go to new patients homes by herself. Knowing that she is going into a potentially dangerous situation, she pushes ‘At Risk’ before entering the home. From that point on she will receive regular safety checks from Verisafe asking if she’s ok. If she fails to check in, the app will notify her emergency contacts, who may be family members or her employers.

Emergency App

Verisafe is a safety app designed to assist a range of vulnerable people, whether they work alone in risky situations, or are old and prone to illness. We created three videos highlighting the different scenarios where the app could be used, which showcased the three main features of the app, the 'Help', 'At Risk' and 'Safety Check'. These videos were designed to go on the Verisafe website or to bring along to conventions and public events. This video is a ‘general’ promotion to bring in new clients via Facebook and YouTube advertising.